1. Hi, I’m finishing a novel and a lot of it takes place in Manitoba and ontario. I am wondering if you would allow me to use one of your images of lake Winnipeg in February for my website. Irt would not appear in the book. The book is not published as yet. And though the website is live only a few friends know it. However, I am seeking a publisher and agent so am doing a lot of pre-marketing including printing up advance copies for Beta Readers and Reviewer ( If you have any interest in that I could give you one. If you want to talk about licensing me to use your photo/credit depending on the cost I could do that. I notice you travel so another option is using my guest room 4 miles north of the golden gate bridge! If yo are interested my website is below and you can see under the synopsis tab in the photos there the way I would be using your photo. — I’d appreciate your getting back to me with a ‘no’, ‘yes’ or maybe.
    Thanks, September

    • Kirsten Neil

      Hi September, Thanks for contacting me! It’s so nice to hear that you like some of my photos. I don’t mind you using a few of my photos on your website as long as you provide my name for photo credit: Kirsten Neil. If you want to have them printed in your book, I would require a licensing fee. 🙂

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