1. Lloyd

    Hi Kirsten.
    Absolutely fantastic beautiful painting of Stan. You are so talented, no more procrastinating OK (said the guy who’s been working on his solo album for 5 years!) I want to see lots more of your work. Talk to you soon!

  2. Diane

    Lovely story very well told! Great to read about another “emerging” artist’s process. “Emerging” as in being productive. proactive and getting your artwork out there. Takes guts and I agree with Lloyd – b.t.w his eyes are amazing!

  3. He’s adorable! Gorgeous painting, too – fascinating to see it develop in stages. Your story about adopting Stan is almost identical to mine, although my rescue cat, Sparky howled at night and pooed on my rug by way of greeting. As for ‘innocent eyes’, that’s actually a cat weighing you up to see if you’re carrying food….

    Thanks for the Like on my blog X

    • Mark, thanks for stopping by my blog and your awesome compliments.

      Rescue cats are the best! They bring so much character with them. Maybe a little too much sometimes; my old Stan-inflicted war wounds can attest to that.

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