1. Andrea

    We spent three days in Hana… it was great to be able to get away from it all. We also took the other “road” back; not quite as lush but majestic in its own right. Did you stop at the Seven Sacred Pools (aka Oheo(sp?) Gulch)?

    • We drove by the seven pools, but had no time left to stop. The other road back from Hana was just as majestic. I’m amazed at how we went from lush jungle to dry barren rock landscape in a matter of 25 miles. Loved it!

    • Hi Shelly, thanks for dropping by my blog. The swimming hole we were at was in pua’a ka’a state park on the road to Hana. There are other waterfall places too. We used the Lonely Planet travel book for Maui to plan our route. Have fun!

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